lørdag 20. november 2010

Norway`s national mountain.

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  1. I knew this mountain had to be taller than it looked in the photo you posted. Blogging is educational! "symmetrical granite peak that rises from sea level to a flat 4,464-foot (1,391-meter) summit". Have you climbed this before? Great post Remi, I love seeing your country.

  2. :) Jane I have not climbed the mountain, I have too much fear of heights .. :)
    1391 meters above sea level is high.
    But on the back of the mountain there is a path that goes right to the top of the mountain.
    But even where it is steep and unsuitable for me ..
    This mountain is located just 10 miles from my home ..
    Oh you shall see more pictures of mountains and fjords of the future .. :)

    PS: What's a little late with the other day, then a killer whale's visit in the fjord ..
    well he's here but the fjord is large and not always easy to find, to take good pictures.

  3. Har hørt om dette fjellet - eller tinden. Majestetisk og vakkert, og flott med den lille touchen av sollys på toppen! Jeg hadde heller aldri klatret der nei!