søndag 28. november 2010

Now it is decorated
for christmas.
Some of our santa. :)

torsdag 25. november 2010

Beautiful it is, but now i do not see the
sun until February months..
It will only appear in the distance
behind the mountains, as in picture..

tirsdag 23. november 2010

It`s nice to see bullfinch
outside the kitchen window..

mandag 22. november 2010

Small streams freezes in the winter,
but it is fascinating to see the water turn to ice.

lørdag 20. november 2010

søndag 14. november 2010

Some pictures
from last night.
Here are some birds
flying into the sun fall.

lørdag 13. november 2010

lørdag 6. november 2010

fredag 5. november 2010

Hello my friends..
Here are a few pictures from
the city of Tromsø..