søndag 27. mai 2012

What a wonderful day .. Sunny in the morning and rain in the afternoon .. :)

torsdag 24. mai 2012

Has been for a walk by the sea and taken some pictures .. :)

 The weather has been a little better, but it is even much snow over the mountains ..

søndag 20. mai 2012

Now I have a desire for summer to come last night and today it is snowing outside.

Wonderful and fun to take pictures of children ..

tirsdag 8. mai 2012

I like pictures of old stuff .. (houses, toys, tools, etc.)
It is bad weather here today .. Spring will not let the summer come a little forward ..
It's snowing outside .... But it must now be a good summer in the end .. :)

mandag 7. mai 2012

søndag 6. mai 2012

It is a wonderful spring .... But we are looking forward to summer.